Made three Tree Trunk Vases for a rehearsal dinner! I’m planning on making more because of all my fun glazes.

They are all fired to cone 5 and glazed with textured autumn. 

Sold one of my favorite bowls! :))))

// Etsy shop open!//

Although I’ve had some weird past experiences selling on ETSY, I have decided to open one to focus on selling only my ceramics.  Just started it today so it has some growing to do! VISIT! :)kxp

"Kersplat!" Pinch Pot Bowl- Fired at Cone 5
Clear Crackle over Sea Green underglaze/ splattered with Black

"Dolphin" Saucer, Teacup, and Lid- Glazed at Cone 5
Heirloom Blue Glaze- Handbuilt

-Heirloom Blue
-Celadon Froth
-Lavender Fillagree
-Royal Blue

"Flower Power" Ceramic Pot Holder- Fired at Cone 5
Celadon Froth Glaze- Handbuilt

Just Face It Magnet- Fired at Cone 5
Heirloom Blue glaze


Just got some new glazes in and can’t wait to try them out!  

Just a look at a few things I have made - with love, with clay.